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Our electrical power systems range from diesel fueled standby generators ranging from as small as 6kW to the 2MW range, including multiple control options and remote start capability, with remote monitoring options that include monitoring or control via the internet.


For the environmental sensitive customers we offer specialty engineered solar electric standby systems as small as 5kW with battery backup, to small residential wind turbines/ battery hybrid systems (where site winds make them feasible) that have no emissions and are renewable; or solar water heater systems that may qualify for US Federal solar credit.

Standby diesel power gensets

Proven and reliable World leading diesel powerplants from Broadcrown, Lister-Petter, Kubota, as well as our own private label range of economical power systems

              Solar  photovoltaic

Zero emissions renewable option for generating electricity for complementing or replacing the grid. Silent and fueled by the Sun. For sites connected to the grid or for remote sites.

                      wind power

Our micro wind turbines provide added security to solar installations by continue to charge the battery storage units on overcast days where sunlight is reduced, or at night.