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Diesel generators do not rely on a established infrastructure of underground pipes to furnish gaseous fuel (Natural Gas or Propane), the fuel supply is contained within the unit and tipically can run the generator for 8hr at full load. The fuel is usually available and easily ferried to the location where it can be delivered to the unit tank, or an auxiliary tank to increase the run time to days, weeks, or months.

The charts below summarize the comparisons between gaseous fuels and diesel.

Comparing Gas, Propane, and Diesel Generators
    Gas   Propane   Diesel    
Engine Life  
bullet 2,000 hours
bullet (11.9 weeks)
bullet Major Overhaul
bullet 4,000 hours
bullet (23.8 weeks)
bullet Major Overhaul
bullet 40,000 hours
bullet (238 weeks)
bullet Major Overhaul
bullet 20,000 hours MinorOverhaul,
seals & gaskets only
Fuel Storage  
bullet Dangerous to store
bullet 6 months turns bad
bullet Unwiedly to move
bullet Hard to replace
bullet Hard to transport
bullet Safe to store
bullet Can put out cigarette in it
bullet Last 2-3 years

Fuel Costs       Gas         Propane         Diesel            Fuel Savings
1 week   5 KW $193.00   5 KW $120.00   5 KW $20.00   $173.00
    10 KW $386.00   10 KW $240.00   10 KW $40.00   $346.00
1 month   5 KW $722.00   5 KW $480.00   5 KW $80.00   $692.00
    10 KW $1,544.00   10 KW $960.00   10 KW $160.00   $1,384.00
3 months   5 KW $2,166.00   5 KW $1,440.00   5 KW $240.00   $2,076.00
    10 KW $4,632.00   10 KW $2,880.00   10 KW $480.00   $4,152.00
  Plugs, Points, Oil
every 20 hours
  Plugs, Points, Oil
every 40 hours
  Oil every 100 hours    
Storing fuel is less expensive and much safer with diesel

Model Engine Capacity
BCM23 Mitsubishi 23Kw
BCJD30 John Deere 30Kw
BCJD40 John Deere 40Kw
BCJD50 John Deere 50Kw
BCJD60 John Deere


HYD 15
Keystart 15,000 watts
Auto-start option
HYD 30
Keystart 30,000 watts
Auto-start option
HYD 6,5
Keystart, 6,500 watts
HYD 6.5

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Silent World Class generators with  60 dBA sound attenuation
Deep Sea auto start panel and Automatic Transfer Switch points
Powder coated exteriors, water cooled, emergency stop